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Every child’s learning is important to us at Hillsborough. It is our belief that a well motivated child is most likely to learn well and for this reason we aim to ensure that our children enjoy a curriculum which both interesting and inspiring. Developing good skills in Literacy and Numeracy are major priorities for us.  In addition we place a very high emphasis on other areas of the curriculum, believing that all children need to be able to enjoy the chance to develop their talents across a range of areas.  Our broad curriculum, including an emphasis on both sports and the arts enables us to achieve this.


Recent research into learning has revealed the different learning styles which different individuals favour.  Teaching at Hillsborough recognises this and the curriculum is delivered in away which enables all learners to access the curriculum fully. As a part of this, we are always looking to include ‘hands on’ experiences.    Educational visits are an important part of our curriculum and all children are involved in regular opportunities to. ICT plays a crucial part in what we do, with all children enjoying the opportunity to use a range of hardware and devices across all lessons.


If you require any further information, the class teacher will be more than willing to answer any questions.