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Journey to School


At Hillsborough Primary School we like to encourage our pupils to come to school in an active way. This can range from skipping to scooting, running to rollerblading! Last year our school took part in the Active Travel Challenge and we won some amazing scooter storage from the city council. We hope that this encourages our children to keep coming to school on scooters, bikes and skateboards. We do ask that the children do not ride around the yard on these however, for the safety of themselves and younger children in the yard.


Although the main aim of the Active Travel Challenge is to encourage fit and healthy children who are ready for learning, we also hope that it will reduce parking and congestion problems around school. Please do try to park away from the school gates wherever possible. There are lots of free parking spaces available in the roads around school, and we also have use of the Sheffield Wednesday Training Ground on Middlewood Road car park on weekday mornings and evenings. If you are unable to park away from school please come in and have a chat to us about it. We may be able to help.


Thank you all for your support!