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School Council


Our School Council election ran on Friday 21st September and I am very pleased to announce the winners of the vote are:


Class 3: Leo and Isla

Class 4: Noah and Phoebe

Class 5: Ruben and Freya

Class 6: George and Evie

Class 7: Oliver and Dana

Class 8: Alex and Phoebe

Class 9: Kian and Jessica

Class 10: Udan and Maisie

Class 11: Nicolas and Skye

Class 12: Ross and Eh Nay

Class 13: Caolin and Poppy

Class 14: William and Crystal 


CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners, I look forward to working with you all on lots of exciting School Council projects this year and I know we will all work hard to make Hillsborough Primary the best it can be! 

Miss Herbert.