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Stepping Stones


For over 40 years, nurture groups have broadened the horizons and life opportunities of our most vulnerable children and young people. From the earliest origins of nurture groups in Hackney in the 1960s, children have become more socially adept, emotionally resilient, self-confident and learn to enjoy life because of their nurturing experience.


Here at Hillsborough Primary School we are trying to offer our most vulnerable children a warm safe environment in which to thrive and succeed in main stream school settings. The provision is available for children of any age requiring support and there is a strict entry criteria. Our Nurture Provision is known as Stepping Stones. We offer up to 3 terms within in the provision on a daily basis. The children are still part of their main stream class every morning and will participate in all out of school activities, events, sports days etc. We try to make this easier and more achievable by working in a small group, maximum of 10 children and 2 qualified adults. The main focus of Stepping Stones is the development of social skills, behaviour and emotional well being.

Stepping Stones Nurture Group


Our Nurture Provision is based in the Community Room and is led by Mr Ali and Mrs Ashley. There are a maximum of 10 places in the group and it runs each afternoon. Children from every year group are able to attend the Nurture Group. 


If you would like to visit the Nurture Group please contact Mr Ali on 0114 2347898.