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Year 1


  1. Bugclub and education city, use your wonde emoji login code – your teacher will give this to you (type in to access these resources) alternatively, use your bugclub password and username
  2. Espresso: username: student26613     password: hpschool


When you login to espresso, go to key stage 1 and then select a subject to look at. There are lots of topics. Ask your teacher what you are learning about this term.


In maths, we have recently looked at doubles, multiplication and arrays, as well as addition and subtraction facts.


In literacy, you could go onto the English section and then punctuation – try the games and activities on here.


In science we have learned about trees and plants – can you draw pictures of evergreen and deciduous trees? Can you draw flowering plants and label each part?


Use the geography section names maps and mapping. Explore the resources. Can you create a map with a key of the street you live on? What human and physical features can you see?



Use this to look the section called fairy tale shed. Choose a fairy tale to watch. Can you write about what happens in the story? Could you use adjectives to write a character description? Do this for different stories/characters.


Go onto the KS1 shed. Choose a new story to watch. Can you write about what happened using conjunctions to extend your sentences? (and, because)



Use the free games and resources to practise reading words. Select either phase 3 or phase 5 games.


  • Reading – do lots of reading if you can! Try and read at least 2 books on Bug club each week! Create character descriptions, setting descriptions, tell your family about the main events in your story. Can you spot any nouns and verbs in your reading book? Can you spot any good adjectives?
  • Learn about Pablo Picasso and try to create an abstract portrait of a family member.
  • Practise counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10 – can you count in 2s backwards from 20 to 0? Can you count backwards in 1s from 50 or 100?
  • - use this to help you get active inside the house – try to complete 2 per day! You could also use