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Year 3


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  • Bug Club – Read 3 books per week
  • Matheletics
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English: We have started to learn about the Saxons. Please Research what life was like in an Anglo Saxon settlement.

What food did they eat?

What jobs did men and women do?

What did children have to do?

What crops did they grow?

We will be using this information to write a report about Anglo Saxons.


Maths: Please continue to explore measurements at home. Look at weight (g, kg) and volume (ml, L) on food packets. Compare which is larger and smaller.


Science: Go for a walk in the park and sketch the flowers that have started to grow. Label the different parts of each plant and their function.

For example the roots soak up the water and nutrients from the soil.


Spanish: practice the days of the week song and the months of the year.


R.E – please log in on to espresso.

Click on the Key Stage 2 – RE – Faiths – Judaism – Videos – Shabbat at the synagogue.

Can you name a draw the important symbols and objects that are used in Jewish prayer? How are these different to the Jewish faith?


Spellings –  Can you practice adding the suffix ‘ssion’ to these route words and put these in a sentence?

         admit           transmit         obsess       concede        permit       impress       express  


Art -Please look at examples of the Bayeux tapestry.

Can you find out some research about why the tapestries were created and where they were displayed?