Home Page

Year 4

This will give you access to:

  • Times tables rockstars
  • Bugclub
  • Mathletics
  • Education City


Invent a machine to help you around the house.

Write an explanation text, explaining how it works and what it does.

Can you draw a labelled diagram to go with your text?

Don’t forget to read every day. You can use bugclub to do this online!



On education city in your homework folder there is some work relating to clocks and time. Practice with your parents telling the time at different points in the day.

Don’t forget to keep practicing your times tables. You can use timetables rocks stars to help you. There is a battle between the classes happening every week!

Use the activities on mathletics to practice telling the time.



We will be looking at bridges in topic! Can you create your own bridge? Which materials are the best to use? How much weight can it hold?



What are the melting points of some of the food/drinks in your house? How long does it take them to melt? Can you take a picture of your experiment? Can you present what you have found in a chart?



Can you practice your balances, rolls and shapes? Can you create a sequence?



You could use a free site to practice your Spanish. has brilliant home learning opportunities If you go to home learning -> Parents -> 5-11 years -> Year 4