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Design & Technology

At Hillsborough Primary School, Design and Technology is about learning how to design and produce functional and innovative products that solve problems in real-life contexts. We believe that problem-solving and considering different solutions to a problem are skills that can be developed through Design and Technology, but which are transferable to a wide range of contexts as well.


Here at Hillsborough, we encourage children to approach design problems creatively and to use real ways of testing out their ideas in order to support critical thinking skills. 


Our curriculum aims to: 


  • Encourage children to believe in themselves as the designers and creators of tomorrow.
  • Convey to children that they belong to a generation of learners who may, as adults, be tasked with finding solutions to problems that do not exist yet. 
  • Demonstrate that our children can become engineers and designers by showing them the careers open to them in this area.


Curriculum Content:


Each child at Hillsborough will complete at least six Design and Technology projects throughout their journey here, building on their prior knowledge and understanding.



  • Using ideas and research to design a product 
  • Creating sketches and mock ups
  • Using computer aided design
  • Choosing materials.



  • Choosing tools and equipment
  • Joining and combining materials
  • Applying a range of finishing techniques.



  • Discuss existing products
  • Talk about own product - what went well and what could make the design better.


For more detailed information please visit our policies page.