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Hillsborough Nursery & Primary School

Believe. Belong. Become.

Headteacher's welcome

Welcome to Hillsborough Primary School


Hillsborough Primary School is a happy, caring and positive school providing education from 3 to 11 years for over 400 pupils. 


Our ethos of Believe, Belong, Become underpins everything that happens in our school. We are a community with children at the centre, and we prioritise working in partnership with parents and carers, valuing the contribution that family life has to offer to a child's education. 


Our Vision


We support, nurture and challenge our children and encourage them to believe in their strengths and in those of others. 


We do this through having high expectations of children in their learning and behaviours, encouraging them to take risks and develop resilience for when things get hard. We want our children to move onto the next stage of their education with confidence and pride, knowing that they have the self-belief to do anything that they put their mind to.


We create an environment for our children, staff and parents/carers to belong to a community who cares for them and supports all of their needs. 


We do this through exploring all aspects of communities, both past and present, and give children opportunities to develop their own understanding of how they fit into their personal, social and global worlds. Parents are given varied opportunities to engage with the school community and invest in their child's learning. 


We enrich and extend learning for all so that every child can achieve their potential and become the individual that they aspire to be. 


We do this through ensuring high quality teaching and learning which develops children's basic skills, knowledge and understanding of the world. We emphasise aspiration and expose children, through the topics and experiences we provide, to different roles people undertake and ensure that our children are encouraged to think big and aim high.


We look forward to welcoming you to our school community.



Nicola Wileman