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At Hillsborough, we have developed a Science Curriculum that equips children with the knowledge and skills to support a future in Science. The curriculum aims to:


  • Develop children’s Belief in themselves as scientists, by instilling excitement, curiosity and the confidence to question and explore the world around them.
  • Give children opportunities and experiences to develop their critical thinking and understanding of the physical world that they Belong to.
  • Understand how key scientists have changed our lives and how science is vital to the world’s future.
  • Ensure children can develop scientific knowledge, conceptual understanding and the skills needed to Become successful and passionate scientists.
  • Encourage a love of Science through engaging and inspiring learning linked with the wider curriculum topics to fully immerse children.
  • Build opportunities for repetition, practise and application of essential knowledge and skills and ensure children are able to gradually develop a deeper understanding in their learning and not just merely cover content.

Our Science Curriculum 

Year 1 – Seasonal changes


Year 1 have been working scientifically by observing changes over time. They have been visiting the park each week to observe the Autumn changes. They collected leaves and loved looking at the colours.


Year 2 – Materials


During their Catch-up curriculum, Year 2 investigated materials. They worked scientifically by grouping and sorting materials based on their properties.




Year 3 – Materials


Year 3 recapped their understanding of materials by carrying out an investigation to see the most suitable material for a suit of armour. They tested rigidity, weight, strength and opacity. They also used pipettes to carefully drop water onto different materials to test whether they were waterproof.


Year 4 - States of Matter


Before lockdown, Year 4 had some visitors who gave the children practical experience in their topic ‘States of matter’. The children showed wonderful curiosity and had the chance to use their scientific skills and scientific equipment.



Year 5 – IRIS Microbiology Project


Year 5 took part in the IRIS Microbiology Project, which supports UK wide research into microbes. The children used swabs to collect samples from different areas around the classroom and these were sent for testing.



A deeper understanding of the Earth in space. The children have studied satellites and how they orbit the Earth. They found out all the ways in which satellites improve our life.

Visit to Sheffield University

I R I S Project

Science week activities