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Remote Learning with Seesaw FAQs for Families

Signing into Seesaw for Pupils


Students can sign in with Home Learning codes with the instructions below:

  1. If pupils are using tablet/iPad or phone devices for home learning, they will need to download the Seesaw Class App onto their device. If they already have the class app on a home device, they will need to UPDATE the app for home learning codes to work. Pupils can also access the latest version of Seesaw from any computer or laptop by going to
  2. Go to the Seesaw Class app (tablet/iPad) or (PC/laptop) and select ‘I am a student’.
  3. Type in the 16 digit text code or scan the individualized QR code.
  4. Once logged into the App click Activities on the right to view.

Take a look inside the Seesaw Family App

Curious what families can see on Seesaw? Take a tour of the Seesaw Family App. Families can only see their student's work.To learn more about Seesaw and Sees...

What is Seesaw? Introduction For Families

Families watch this video learn what Seesaw is, how to connect and sign in, and how to use the Family app.