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Year 1

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This half term we have been learning about Australia. We have been finding out where it is in the world and used Google Earth to locate places and landmarks. We have been learning about human and physical features such as airports, buildings, rivers and deserts. We have also been learning about Australian animals and their habitats. We sorted animals into where they lived and discussed why they lived there. We went on a trip to the Tropical Butterfly House and found out more about animals that live in different habitats. We had the chance to hold some of the animals which was very exciting. 

As part of our topic we also looked at Aboriginal art work. We learnt how people painted using sticks and rocks. We also found out how why certain colours were used. We developed our printing skills by using a range of techniques. 

Food from around the U.K.

Food from around the U.K. 1
Food from around the U.K. 2
Food from around the U.K. 3
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In year 1 this half term we have been very busy learning about places in the United kingdom. We have located capital cities and used Google Earth to find famous landmarks such as The Giants causeway and Buckingham Palace. We have been exploring different geographical features such as coastlines, mountains, villages and rivers. We have been comparing, questioning and researching to learn more about these places. We have also been learning about a traditional  food dish from each of the four countries within the U.K.

We have made Welsh cakes, Scones, Shortbread and Colcannon. 

Mrs Jeffcock - class 3 and Miss Ambler - class 4 are happy to see you back and ready to learn for the Spring Term the children are working hard in the following areas of learning.



The children are developing their writing to make sure they use clear sentences with capital letters and full stops. They will also learn to write longer pieces of work with more details. As the theme of their topic led work is ‘Space’ the children will also learn how to write a non fiction booklet about the planets and will be writing sentences about the first moon landing.



We all take part in daily phonic sessions to consolidate and apply our knowledge of letters and sounds. We will also begin to develop more comprehension skills around what we have read by answering questions about books. Please feel free to change your child’s reading book from the baskets at the top of the Year 1 corridor. We want to encourage a love of books and begin the journey to become lifelong readers so we will also start to visit Hillsborough Library this term.



Both classes will continue to develop their understanding of numbers and counting - using Numicon, number lines and Tens and Ones.

They will be adding and subtracting this term as well as learning to sequence numbers and describe their position in order using first, second, third etc.

Picture 1 The First Man on The Moon.
Picture 2 Our Visit to Hillsborough Library.
Picture 3 Do you know your phonics?
Picture 4 Letters and Sounds.
Picture 5 Re learn the sounds.

Please see our Curriculum News overview for more information about our learning. We love to talk about what we are doing in class - feel free to ask us if you would like more information or help to support your child’s learning.

Information about this half terms home learning can be found in the ‘Homework Menu’ in the front of your child’s purple homework book. If you require materials to complete creative tasks please ask the class teacher.

Autumn 2

The last half term has flown by so quickly. This half term is packed full of exciting events. The first week will be spent learning all about the first world war. We will be learning about ways of life, rationing, the significance of the poppy as well as baking and making WW1 crafts. 

This half term in maths we will be learning about addition, place value and subtraction. In literacy we will continue to develop our understanding of how stories are created and will be looking at traditional stories. 

In science we will be leaning about the structure of animal skeletons, the senses and also the Winter season. 

Our topic this half term is the local area. We will be using google Earth to explore the world and the local area. We will be looking at human and physical features and making maps of routes to school. 

We will also be looking at the ways Sheffield artist Joe Scarborough painted places. We will be making models and paintings of local areas. 


Christmas will soon be upon us and we will be soon be starting the Christmas nativity. Details to follow later. 


Attached is a copy of this half terms homework. Please see a member of staff if you need to discuss anything. Also can we make parents aware that the P.E. day has now changed to Monday. 

Hello and welcome to the year 1 class page

We have had a really busy half term and we have made loads of progress. We have been learning to become more independent when working in our learning groups. 

Our topic this half term has been Toys. We have visited a museum and we have been learning about toys from the past. We have designed and made our own toy. 


In Maths we have been learning to compare numbers and work out number bonds to 10 and 20. We have used a  variety of methods to work these out. We have also been describing properties of shapes and recognising pattern.


In Literacy we have been developing our understanding of sentences. We have been using adjectives to make our sentences sound better. We have been learning to identify upper and lower case letters. 


In science we have been learning about the seasons and identifying signs of Autumn. We have also been learning about animals including humans. We have been classifying groups of animals.


In Art we have been practising our drawing skills to create self portraits. We have been using the style of Picasso and Klee to make our portraits. 


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