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Year 6



Updated April 2020. 

Welcome to your Y6 page!  smiley


Hey guys! Things have changed a little with school (you might have noticed there's a worlwide pandemic going on at the moment!) so we've changed our year group page too. On here, there's going to be:

* weekly letter from your teacher

* your monthly home learning

* some weekly learning video! 


Please email us or the home learning email if you have any questions, or any worries about learning, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We might not all be able to be together right now but we are still your teachers and we are all in this together! 


Key contact information: 

Class Steel - Miss Herbert

Class Iron - Miss Holmes

Home learning email


Home Learning Activities! cheeky

Below are your monthly home learning activities. We've tried really hard to get a good range on here and we think some of the activities are really fun, so give them a go and send us your photos! 

Weekly Teacher Letterssmiley

Each week your teacher will write a class letter. Look out for these, they will let you know any updates about school, what we have been up to and will also shout out any homework superstars!

Our Home Learning Superstars! 

Can you make it onto the animoto next week? We are so proud to showcase your super/amazing/fantastico work from home.  Go Y6!  laugh



and finally...


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We know things are strange at the moment, and feeling unsure and easy is completely normal. We are here for you to talk to just as we would be if we were at school. It's also fine to feel totally OK about the whole thing and get on with your daily lives - you are kids and we don't want you to feel worried! Be yourself, that's all we can ask xx