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NHS Just Giving

You've probably seen the news stories of front line NHS workers having to survive on minimal personal protective equipment (PPE) during the Covid-19 virus outbreak.  It has been reported that up to 25% of our front line workforce is currently self isolating, having been exposed to the virus and showing symptoms. There is a shortage of PPE, not just in the front line hospitals, but also in doctors surgeries and care homes. Design and Technology departments across the country are starting to manufacture face shields to protect workers from the infection and we would like to join them. The face shield is one of the most effective barriers for staff to use when in contact with patients.  We have 6 laser cutters at our disposal and would like to manufacture as many shields as we can over the coming weeks, just as virus infection numbers reach a peak. We have a simple but effective design that can be manufactured from two materials and assembled and delivered quickly to the key workers of Sheffield and South Yorkshire.  In order to be able to manufacture as much as possible we need your money to purchase the materials; these are 0.5mm polypropylene sheet and 0.1mm (1 micron) clear acetate, polycarbonate or PVC.  If you are a plastic supplier and are willing to donate these materials then please get in touch.  Your money will be used to help our front line workers when they need it most during this difficult time. Thank you in advance.


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