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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 


Mr Lant, Miss Burton and Mr Skelton would like to welcome you all to Year 2. We are very excited to share our time together.


This half term we have:



We have started our journey on addition and subtraction. We are beginning to learn strategies to allow us to add and subtract two 2 digit numbers. We have also gained confidence by using our knowledge to solve problems. 





By using our knowledge of The Great Fire of London, we have written some fantastic newspaper reports this half term! We have focused on past tense and conjunctions. 




Topic - We are historians!

We have loved our Heroes topic this term! We began our journey by looking at the difference between superheroes and real life heroes. We then got the opportunity to meet some real heroes in our community and ask them questions about their role. 




Following this, we took a deeper look into the history of the fire service and used our chronological skills to order fire engines and fire uniforms. 



We kick started our topic on the Great Fire of London by designing and creating Tudor houses ...



We then burnt them down!!



We have learnt all about the history of The Great Fire of London and we have used our historical skills to make inferences and order events chronologically. 



Science - We are Biologists!


We have become Biologists this term and specifically focused on botany! We recapped our learning from Year 1 and recalled the structure and functions of different parts of a plant. We used our scientific skills by making detailed drawings of plants and taking simple measurements. We asked lots of great questions about plants and our environment!



We then carried out a scientific investigation to see whether some plants germinate quicker than others! 



We are waiting to see whether our different plants germinate at the same time or different times. 





African Drumming and Dance Workshop  



Last week, Year 2 took part in an African Drumming and Dance Workshop. The children had the opportunity to perform simple African rhythms on traditional djembe drums. They also learnt a traditional dance, which they performed to Year 1! The children had a brilliant morning and showed fantastic enthusiasm.

How many mini beasts can we find?

How many mini beasts can we find?  1
How many mini beasts can we find?  2
How many mini beasts can we find?  3
How many mini beasts can we find?  4

Summer 1 term




Over the last 5 weeks to date we have been learning all about Africa. We have been looking at habitats within the continent and which animals live where. Throughout the topic we have found out how many countries are in Africa and what it would be like to live in a range of different places. We have learnt about African music as well as practising African dances in PE. We will be going on to looking at African food and and having tasting lessons. 




We have been learning about how to apply a wide range of grammar and sentence types into our writing. Over the last half term to date we have written non-chronological reports about African animals, letters to Uganda, Short narratives and a recount of our mini beast trip to Hillsborough park. 




We have covered the year 2 maths curriculum and are now revisiting areas to consolidate understanding of the skills needed to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.

We are also looking intently at solving fraction questions. 




We have been learning all about animals and their habitats. We began looking at larger environments in Africa where animals can be found such as the savanna, rain forest and desert. We then began to look at smaller micro habitats which linked to our trip to the park.  





Mr Lant, Miss Burton and Miss Darby would like to welcome you all to Year 2. We are very excited to share our time together in year 2 this school year.


This half term we will be learning:



We will be looking at place value and applying this into column addition and subtraction to work out calculations and tricky word problems.



We will focus on developing the children's writing via poems and letters linked to the WWI. We will be also looking at story writing linked to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.



Our Topic this half term is called "Food Glorious Food". We will be looking into the importance of a healthy lifestyle and understanding a balanced diet. We will be learning about where chocolate originally came from. This will link into lessons surrounding Christopher Columbus. We will also have the opportunity to design and create our own healthy smoothies. We will be making sweets too! We have taken the decision to go on a school trip to York Chocolate factory this half term as the workshops are very cross curricular linked to our topic and literacy lessons.



We will be learning a variety of lessons linked to animals including humans.




The children in Year 2 finsihed their topic "The Great Fire of London" in style!

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