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Year 3


Over the past few weeks our seedlings have continued to grow and they have outgrown their trays! Plants need room to grow so we now need to transfer them into larger pots.

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Carefully the seedlings were taken out of their trays and were separated into individual plants. Then the new pots were half filled with compost. Gently, the seedlings were planted in the new pots and then filled up with more compost. The seeds were then watered and then put in a glass house as it is still too cold at night. We have lots of beetroot and cabbage plants. Hopefully we will get chance to taste some of our vegetables and see some of the flowers in our school garden. 

Look how much our seedlings have grown in a week!

Look how much our seedlings have grown in a week! 1
Look how much our seedlings have grown in a week! 2

Would you invite a Saxon for tea?


This half term we have started to learn about the Anglo Saxons and why they invaded England. We have read the story of Beowulf and discussed the different monsters that were in the text. We have started to create our own monsters and thought very carefully about what their powers would be and how to describe their appearance.


The Anglo Saxons were very good at growing their own food and so we have decided in Year 3 to plant our own vegetables and flowers. The seeds were very different for each plant and we examined them carefully. The seedlings had just started to grow and then unfortunately school was closed...... but don't worry they are being cared for and keep checking our class page for weekly updates of how they are getting on!


We know it is really strange that we are not all learning together at school but please keep checking online to see what wonderful activities we have thought for you to do and we can't wait to see you soon. Remember stay safe and enjoy this time at home with your families. smiley

This term our topic is Where in the world can I travel?

The 5 countries that we are focusing on are - Japan, Greece, Brazil, Poland and Morocco.


We have tasted some foods that are originally from these countries and we can't wait to find out more about them.


We are learning about the 4 main biomes -

The tundra, the desert, the rainforest and the temperate forests. 


This half term we have been really busy finding out lots of interesting facts about the Ancient Egyptians.

Do you know the Ancient Egyptians designed and developed their own irrigation system?


In groups we researched what a Shaduf is and made our own.

Picture 1
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Our Shadufs.

Our Shadufs. 1
Our Shadufs. 2
Our Shadufs. 3

In Art we have designed and made our own Egyptian Jewellery. We have looked closely at different jewellery boxes and made our own out of clay.

We are really looking forward to displaying our work on Friday 25th October.

This half term our topic is called -

Tomb raiders or Traders?

We will be learning lots of new facts about the Ancient Egyptians and we look forward to sharing our learning with you in the next half term.

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Welcome to Year 3!



The teachers in Foundry Class are Miss Roddis and Mrs Laing.

The teacher in Boulsover Class is Mrs Howell.

Please do not hesitate to speak to any of us regarding the learning or well being of your child. We look forward to working together over the coming year.

P.E Days.


Foundry class - Monday and Wednesday

Boulsover Class - Monday and Wednesday



All children will need their P.E kit on these days. This will include a white t-shirt, black shorts and black P.E pumps. No earrings and jewellery should be worn, thank you.


Please note we will be doing the "Daily Mile". This consists of 5 laps around the school playground every day!


At the beginning of each half term, your child will be given a homework menu sheet where they pick one piece of homework to complete each week. Please make sure these are completed in the home learning book. Please remind your child to hand it in so their home learning can be celebrated!